Twitch Star Chica Moves to Kick After Controversial Chicken Emote Ban


With so many streamers now switching over to Kicking from Twitch, streamer Chica is teasing the same after getting banned for chicken nuggets. Chica, who is a popular streamer on Twitch, is unhappy with the chicken thrush being banned from Twitch. In the end, this made her move to Kicking as well.

Read on to find out more about streamer Chica’s move to Cicéal after the chicken was banned.

A little about Chica streamer

Chica is a popular streamer on Twitch whose real name is Maria Lopez. She has millions of followers on Twitch where she mostly streams Fortnite. Although she is a streamer who is growing on the scene. Her emote channel is so popular with her.

Twitch streamer Chica has chicken feelings. It’s her theme with that chick. The emoticon shows a cute little yellow chicken with one of the little hands forming an “L” on the side of its head. But it seems that Twitch did not agree with the innocent chicken.

Twitch bans streamer Chica for chicken nuggets

Twitch is making a lot of changes that are making users unhappy. Because Twitch has banned some of the channels and even some emotions as happened with streamer Chica. Twitch recently banned its famous Chica chicken emote.

Chica streamer chick emoticon showing her hands forming an “L” for “threat or incite targeted insults, bullying and abuse” was taken. Eventually led to the banning of the emote by Twitch. But Chica is now reacting to the same because the emote gets banned.

Chica teases her move to Kick from Twitch

Chica after the ban on chicken emote at Twitch came up to respond to the same. But she is not the only one, other users also gave their reaction to the whole thing. One of them wrote on social media “What is happening here?”. While another wrote, “That’s really funny”.

Chica has a post that inspired the move from Twitch to Kick. On Twitter Chica also shared about the same with a link to Kick. But only time will tell about Chica’s potential move. Meanwhile, some other streamers had left Twitch for Kicking as many were unhappy with the platform’s Terms of Service.

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