UAE, Oman call for bids on $3 billion transnational railway project


DUBAI – Oman Rail and Etihad Railway Company are inviting pre-qualified tenders from companies specialized in carrying out mega infrastructure projects in Oman, as part of a $3 billion joint venture to develop and build a railway network between the two countries, reported Oman News Agency. on Wednesday.

The move aims to expand the role of the private sector in the state-owned project and the national economy of both nations, and the project is intended to connect Oman’s Port of Sohar to the north of the country with the United Arab Emirates National Railway (UAE). Network.

Local companies and joint venture consortia from Oman and the UAE can apply with a tender fee of $13,6154.70 (AED 50,000) by March 27, and an explanation of their qualifications, completion date and methodology.

The 188-mile railway is part of a larger project to connect with the UAE National Railway Network launched last month, which aims to connect the country’s seven emirates through one main railway that stretches 560 miles.

Etihad Rail Company’s train network of 38 locomotives and 1,000 multi-purpose vehicles capable of transporting 60 million tons of goods is estimated to contribute $54.46 billion to the country’s economy over the next 50 years, in part through the planned connection with Oman and Etihad Rail Company . Railway.

The train is expected to improve the logistics of moving goods, materials and people between the two countries more efficiently by reducing travel times.

Passenger trains are designed to almost halve travel time from Oman’s northern coastal city of Sohar to the Al Ain region, from an estimated 1 hour 40 minutes to 47 minutes, traveling at speeds of 200 kilometers (124 miles) in the face of the hour.

With this project, both countries aim to unlock new economic opportunities with increased commercial exchange and social travel to better connect key urban centers for tourists, as well as more seamless industrial solutions.

Etihad Rail and Oman Rail announced their partnership with UAE sovereign wealth fund Mubadala in September 2022 to build the $3 billion rail network, WAM reported.

According to Etihad Rail, the UAE railway is also intended to be a central link to a Gulf Cooperation Council rail network that is expected to connect in the future with countries such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain and Qatar.

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