Video: Katy Perry Reveals Secrets to Her Iconic ‘Doll Eye’ Look


Katy Perry, apart from her amazing tracks, recently pulled off the “doll eye” trick which she recently shared how she learned it. It was in a recent TikTok video that Katy Perry revealed where she learned to do the “doll eyes” trick. The trick shocked netizens even when she did it publicly for the first time.

Read on to find out more about what Katy Perry reveals about where she learned the “doll eye” trick.

Katy Perry and her famous “doll eye” trick.

Katy Perry was one of the most popular music artists with millions of fans around the globe. But it’s not on tracks that fans find her more cute but her “doll eyes” trick. Yes, Katy can do a trick with her eyes that will surprise you.

If you have watched Katy’s viral video from her performance in October 2022. Then you might have seen this during one of her stage performances where she did this trick. In the viral video of her, Katy was seen closing one of her eyes in a way that made it look like she couldn’t open it. That often happens with doll toys.

Netizens react to Katy Perry’s viral “doll eye” trick

After the video of Katy Perry went viral on social media. Netizens were left confused over the same. As many believed that Katy Perry had some health problems that left her unable to open one of her eyes. Although some others had a funny reaction to it.

One of them wrote on social media “Her clone was glitching. That’s scary”. And another wrote on the viral trick saying “That baby doll you had as a child with the closing eye”. A similar reaction flooded Katy Perry’s viral video. Although she later revealed that it was her trick.

Katy Perry reveals how she learned the “doll eye” trick.

It was recently in TikTok for Vogue when Katy Perry revealed her famous “doll eye” trick. She said, “I’ve been sitting in a hair and makeup chair for 15 years”. Adding further she said, “If they’re putting eyeshadow on their eye and someone is putting my hair up in a French bun, I want to take notes in real time”.

@voguemagazine @katyperry has been in the glam chair for over 15 years, and she’s developed a few tricks along the way. In an episode of #LifeInLooks ♬ original sound – Vogue

Explaining her trick further she said “I can close one eye at a time and still retain like all function”. Although whatever the rumors surrounding Katy Perry’s doll eye trick may be. Netizens definitely liked her trick a lot, making it a trend on the internet.

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